How to Make a Kitchen Chair Cushion

Most people who love home decor ideas and accessories will go that extra mile to design their own home accents when possible. A kitchen chair cushion is one kind of kitchen accessories that you can make at home easily if you know the steps. They lend your house a beautiful touch of personality, comfort, and color. Here is how to make a kitchen chair cushion for your home.

Have a look at the steps below and try to make your own cushion. It is a great detail for your kitchen and also very easy to make.

1. Make a Pattern

To make a kitchen chair cushion, first, you have to measure the chair perfectly. This, you can use either cardboard or any kind of paper. But, it is better to use cardboard as it lay flat over the seat, especially the curved one. Then, cut the cushion shape out. First, cut out half of it and then, flip it over and repeat it to make the pattern symmetrical.

How To Make A Kitchen Chair Cushion - An uncomfortable looking wooden chair

The next step is drawing all the pieces of the pattern out and calculating yardage. So, grab a paper sheet and write down the measurements. However, you will need a minimum of five pattern pieces.

  • The top of the chair cushion
  • The bottom of the chair cushion
  • Side panel strip
  • Back strip piece
  • The pattern of two ties

The tallness of the cushion will depend on the foam that you are going to stuff. However, also add the dimensions on the paper as it will help you later to decide the amount of fabric for your cushion. You can simply go to a cloth store and give the paper to stuff and they will help you to decide the amount.

2. Select and Prepare Your Fabric

Now, it’s time to get the perfect fabric for your chair cushion. If you going to use the cushion a lot, then, you should get a durable and easy-to-clean fabric. After buying the fabric, wash it when you come back home if you have an intention to wash it later as it restrains the fit-in problem in the future. After that, gather all the materials that you’ll need.

  • Fabric forties and cushion
  • Matching thread
  • Cutting board
  • Straight pins
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Peper scissor
  • Fabric scissor
  • Sewing machine
  • Paper or cardboard
  • Foam
  • Sharpie marker
  • Electric knife

Now, set the pattern pieces and cut out the fabric. For a clear cut, think properly before you start cutting the fabric and follow the direction of the paper pieces. However, don’t panic and overthink. Just go for it.

3. Sewing and Attaching

Now, it’s time to sew! First, prepare the ties and start sewing with the right sides. Fold the tie piece in half and then stitch across the whole length. Leave the other end open and tuck this one under & press closed.

Then, sew the sides and top of the cushion. You will need a long enough strip to sew the full tor or side of the cushion. Sew the upper piece of the chair cushion to the side panel and continue until the cushion edge come. Then stitch both of the side panels ends together and close it in the back.

After that, attach the fabric ties and back strips. After stitching, pin both tails toward the center of the cushion cover, so that, they don’t get caught afterward while stitching. However, this is temporary.

Finally, sew the bottom of the cover to the side panel. Don’t forget to reinforce the edges. These areas will go through a lot of pulling and tugging that’s why it needs to be strong. This is the opening where you are going to insert the foam.

4. Iron the Material

Now, give your cover a quality pressing. Use an iron board if needed. It will give a beautiful finish to the cushion cover.

5. Cut and Insert the Foam

Cutting foam for your cushion is very easy and fun. Grab the pattern piece and place it directly on the top of the cushion foam. Now, mark the foam by using a sharpie marker. Then, take the electric knife and hold it vertically and cut on the outline of the marker. Just cut it, does not have to be perfect.

However, if you feel concerned about your knife then, here is the good news. It does not ruin your knife, and you can reuse it for food also. So, don’t worry and keep using the knife.

After cutting the foam, it is time to insert it into the cover. This is also an easy task and does not take much time. Hold the cushion cover open. Then, squeeze the foam and insert it in simply.

6. Finish the Cushion Back

There are a lot of ways to close the cushion back. You can choose any of them, it is totally up to you. It does not actually matter which one you choose since it is not visible. You can just go with the easy one.

But, if you want to wash it later then select a closure that is less time-consuming and easy to insert, remove, open, and close. You can use safety pins or add a zipper or buttons or hand stitch to close it easily. Lastly, you can tuft the cushion if you want to.

Well, you are done now. Now, you can make a comfortable and professional-looking kitchen chair cushion on your own. It will save you money and give you the joy of making things on your own.

Also, these beautiful cushions do not take much time to make. So, try to make it soon and enjoy it. If you have any problem or question just ask in the comment section. We will try to you our level best to help you out! 

Here’s a quick video showing you the steps. Please have a watch and continue on after.

And That’s How To Make A Kitchen Chair Cushion!

As you can see from the steps above, it isn’t all that hard to make a kitchen chair cushion. If you have any questions, be sure to comment below!

How do you put a padded seat on a wooden chair?

The best way to add a padded seat on a wooden chair is to ensure the cushion has ties on the edges so it can be tied to the chair legs.

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